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Does this Maid-from-Hell that tortured the little baby deserve death?

  • Screenshots from the video showing the maid brutally molesting the baby

Does the Maid-from-Hell Deserve Death?

How she got nailed:

Its Friday evening and Mr Eric Kamanzi returns home to find his baby with a few bruises. She is already fed and ready to sleep. Asking the maid, who we now know is 22 year old Jolly Tumuhairwe, she says the bruises could have come from a fall. “Maybe she fell down” she responded in a stoic tone.

Unconvinced, Eric checks th recording of the CCTV recorder that has always been there but he had never found time to check. What he sees is what has now been shared massively on social media, a one minute, fifty seven second horror where a baby was brutally molested by the maid.


Shocked as you would expect, Eric beats the hell out of Jolly but not hard enough to stop her from running to police. This monster maid from Hell manages to convince the cops who arrest Eric.


Once in the cells, Eric shows the cops the footage from the horror. Jolly is detained and charged with causing bodily harm at N akawa court. Meanwhile Eric has been frantically getting medical help from the best places possible to save the baby who is not in a critical condition.


As Jolly remains incarcerated in Luzira till 18th December, legal experts are advising Eric to have the case changed to attempted murder which this heartless monster deserves.

What caused the Maid to be so brutal?

I had hesitated to share but realized words alone cannot ably describe the barbaric torture that this monster maid handed down to this little baby.

I am sure there are many such maids or even mothers who are simply excuses for human beings that do even worse.

I know of a 6 months baby that was 'cooked' to death in an oven by a maid in revenge for being beaten by the woman of the house for eating the family food.

If we installed cameras secretly at home, we would be shocked to death. There will usually be clear signs of torture e.g when you find unexplainable bruises, a kid that is scared of the maid, red eyes every time you get home etc. You just have to take time to see them.

It's not time to blame people but I wonder what can honestly be done to avoid such. Treating maids more like family might help.

if you beat that maid, know that in your absence your baby will pay. If you deny her food or have posho and beans for her while the rest of the family eats meat, while you are away, the babies will eat the beans as she feasts. If you want the babies treated humanely, treat her like family !


The Public furious, Want death for maid.

As the video circulated, many were furious some calling for mob justice while others blamed modern lifestyle and Kampala parents for leaving their babies at the mercy of the maids and matrons Below are a few of the reactions


Comedian Napoleone Ehmah


So, the parents of the kid tortured by the maid took her to Police/Court?! Are they sick? Lucky maid...with a Napoleone, that maid would be in the 'Disability Ward' in Mulago, if not in the mortuary anyway.

Who treats a baby like that?

And the people busy saying 'nywee nywee the maid might be poorly treated nywee will feel this pain when you stop aborting or abandon condoms.

That maid deserves the ultimate penalty...Murder by burning.


Eddy Kenzo feeling pissed



Naye maid oyo. kale maama.

Bamutuwe mu katono oh God nze mpulira ogusungu.


Andrew Desh Kananura

I was having a good day till a friend forwarded this, very disturbing video, please speak to your workers/maids relos as this is very Unacceptable & bespeakable. You plant a hidden camera and u get home and this is what you see God. Law & Behold.
(Been told she has been remanded in Luzira)


What do you think this maid deserves? 

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