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Most a time we have heard people say the poor have more children that the rich even when the former cannot provide for them.

This morning, I landed on a story on some local News website about a man whose quadruplets are stuck in a hospital after he failed to pay hospital bills.

A little on the story “moments after her last of the four babies was born by Caesarean section on April 9th, Nakato Jamila 29 die of a cardiac arrest.”

Nearly a month now, the twins are still stuck at Kibuli Hospital as her unemployed husband 32 year old husband Jamil Kasali claims he has no money to clear hospital bills and take them home.

Well, I feel for this man for losing his wife and being unemployed, but the most annoying part is in his poverty, the couple had 3 children already, why were they looking for a 4th one? Why can’t Ugandans bite what fits in their mouths? This man now has 7 children in his care, no wife, no job, and no money.

He is seeking help and some people are already blaming the government for not helping such Ugandans. Really? This man should have realized how deep his pockets were before having 1,2,3 and now 7 babies.

Give the government a break please. Men and women of Uganda take some responsibility and think before every decision you make.

The poor have 10 kids, while the rich have 2, and the former group is always complaining, “we have no hospitals, UPE money isn’t enough, government this, government that, what have you done to help your government anyway?”

For once stop complaining and whining, stop blackmailing the government, it’s your mistakes, make them right.

I’m thinking, each time we have babies, should we all go public asking for help? Before you have a child, think through the decision because this saying of “Abaana ba Gavumeenti” is history, the babies are yours, stop thinking they are communally owned.

Anyway, those who want to help Mr. Kasali can go ahead, since the babies are not to be blamed in this whole saga, but parents please, if you cannot provide for children, keep your zips tight.


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