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Gen. Kayihura - we are minimising use of teargas hence use of sticks

  • Gen. Kayihura says he will investigate officers found in wrongdoing

Police chief Gen. Kale Kayihura has urged the public to cooperate with police since the force is trying to reduce the use of teargas and instead use sticks.

Media showed images of police beating members of the public on the day Dr. Kizza Besigye was released from Luzira Prison.

Gen. Kayihura told the media that the public has been viewing the police as anti-people because of teagas.

He said: "We're pro-people, we're not anti-people. I don't like images of police beating, teargassing pple, inconveniencing the majority."

Kayihura reminded the media and the public that police is currently working towards conducting its work professionally and with sensitivity

He said: "Standard operation procedure for field officers is minimise use of teargas hence the use of sticks (kibooko)."

Kayihura cautioned: "Whoever is passing judgement over selective images shouldn't lose focus that Besigye declared defiance against police."

The police chief went on: "If  you love your country, you don't undermine the police. Even if there are mistakes you don't demonize the entire police."

Kayihura said the media is accusing police unprofessionalism yet themselves have been compromised by the opposition.

He said: "We shall not allow Kizza Besigye carry on his defiance campaign. This one I can tell you."

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