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Kofi Olomide picked like chicken thief from his Kinshasha home to rot in jail

  • Kofi Olomide is being dragged out of his Kinshasha home Tuesday morning

Disgraceful Congolese singer Kofi Olomide who kicked his innocent dancer at Jomo Kenyatta Airport has been picked like a chicken thief at his Kinshasha home and bundled into prison cells according to reports from Joseph Kabila's land.

The efrakata singer was captured throwing a heavy kick at a dancer while making his way through the checkpoints at Jomo Kenyatta Airport.

The video did rounds on social media forcing human rights activists in Nairobi to call for Olomide's show to be cancelled.

Government officials heeded to the pressure and cancelled the show slated for Saturday and then even threw him out of the country.

On arrival in the DRC capital, Kinshasha, security rushed for him and charges were placed on to him.

Security was pictured dragging him out of his house to an on waiting vehicle headed to rot in prison cells.

The singer's show in Lusaka, Zambia was equally called off.


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