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MUK Student strike flops as university remains shut

  • Students held placards demanding university administration opens doors for lectures to start

Makerere University has turned into a battle ground after irritated students joined non teaching staff to fuel the ongoing strike but were frustrated by police who swiftly moved in after a tip off.

Lecturers and non teaching staff lay down their tools over delay by government to clear their wage arrears.

The strike has paralysed the start of the academic year forcing students to join the cause.

The students have demanded Prof. Ssemakula Ddumba opens the university after the minister of education and sports, first lady Janet Museveni ordered.

However, Prof. Dumba objected to the order and the doors to the Ivory Tower remained shut.

Students on Monday morning woke up in big numbers to demand the university open gates.

But police did not let them step out of the university to cause havoc.

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