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Forest Mall Shooting investigations: Did presence of strikingly beautiful Burundian chic in Kanyamunyu's car trigger businessman to end Akena's life?

  • Cynthia was reportedly in the car at the time of the shooting

Police detectives have started digging into the shooting at Forest Mall in Kampala where businessman Andrew Kanyamunyu reportedly pulled the trigger to end the life of Kenneth Akena, a community development officer.

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday at the Forest Mall parking when Akena scratched Kanyamunyu's car leading to the latter pulling a trigger to leave him unconcious before perishing in hospital where he had rushed him.

Kanyamunyu reportedly reached for his trigger after car-scratching incident

So many theories continue to emerge about the shooting as many claim there could have been an exchange and then ego factor leading to the unfortunate death of Akena.

The presence of Kanyamunyu's beautiful Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munangwari in the car strikes many.

Akena died in hospital on Sunday morning according to police sources

Could he have been energized by her presence to reach for his trigger?

Police has not officially come out to make a concrete statement on the shooting but sources say investigations are in high gear.

Police have Kanyamunyu in their custody and are also going to quiz him over his role.

Detectives are also expected to quiz other people including the girlfriend and the Forest Mall parking security.

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