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EEEH! Don Zella Tells Big Eye The Boy is Not His, Accuses him of Witchcraft

  • Don Zella (L) with Big Eye (R)

War of words are still flowing since Sheila Alia Nadege a.k.a Nalongo Don Zella parted ways with singer, Ibrahim Mayanja commonly known as Big Eye. Don Zella and Big Eye separated in 2015 after good years of romance.

Since separation, both have been trading words and today, Don Zella told Big Eye that he is not the dad to her boy (Briton). But the boy under dispute is not half-caste and some how resembles the 'Star boss' Big Eye.

Don Zella and Big Eye posing with the kids

Big Eye  with the boy (Britton) he thought was his
In Facebook rant, Don Zella said Big Eye bitched her and got miscarriage which resulted into the death of her twins. She even published birth certificates confirming that all her kids belong to one American guy.

On the certificates, James Matthew Juntunen & Sheila Alia Nadege (Don Zella) are the parents of the three kids;  Briella, Brittney & Britton. Big Eye’s name is not on the certificates.

Don Zella with the dad to her kids, James Matthew Juntunen

Read the post below;

"Teli mugagga musilu ate teli maama wa mwana musilu munsi muno we know the best for our children, men when a chance is given to you use it right don't waste women's time because they can waste yours also i find it extremely hard for a ugandan citizen ( KAZO CITIZEN ) claiming to be the father of my son well hope the birth certificate down below will help calm your ass down nobuziga bwo obwekilogo .
Nze nakowa ate nyoooo when i lost my twins olubuto lwemwaloga neluvamu u went on tvs and claimed i was not pregnant and u never fathered the twinz now mwagala akuze mbu my son niooo nioooo niooo well smart wire tebazala there known for being sperm donors women learn how to stand on your grounds not to be humilliated and taken advantage of since wegana abalongo nono mujeko loooooo nze nabakowa mwantama obulamu bwange bwona obwokunsi temudamu kunekubisizako mizimu mbu mayanja prove your own birth certificate omwana okuba omudugavu nga mummy tekikufula taata kuba sigwe musajja weka eyali mu bulamu bwange!

Ensiba enungi tune in live for more infor."

Don Zella's post on FB


Check the Bith certificates;

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