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Government links women deaths in Entebbe and Wakiso to illuminati

Illuminati is behind the deaths of the 21 unfortunate deaths of girls in the dark spots of Entebbe and Wakiso, government has sensationally revealed.

The country has awoken to the shock of girl after another being dumped on the road, bush and household.

Appearing before Parliament on Thursday, the minister of internal affairs Major Gen. Jejje Odongo humbly apologised to the house and went on to give the government position on the findings of the investigations on the killings of innocent young women.

Gen. Odongo shocked the house: "There is strong evidence linking suspects and Katongole. Some suspects were found with forms given to them by Katongole to enlist in Illuminati."

He cited: "Others have 999 (sign of Illuminati) tattooed on their bodies. Katongole is physically linked to the death of Nakimuli Rose because he was in her company the night she was killed."

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