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Sex-cited Cynthia promises bae Kanyamunyu 'night he will never forget' as he returns to her bedside

Cynthia Munwangari could not hold her tears in court after High Court freed Mathew Kanyamunyu to relieve her from the cold nights.

The stunning Cynthia was co-accused with her man Mathew and his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu in the murder of social worker Kenneth Akena.

The Burundian beauty sat neat her man, whispering alot of sweet nothings as court went about its process.

Sources close to her say she was crying night and day, and suffering in the cold when her man was freezing in the Luzira coolers.

Cynthia's lustful hug to receive her man from the Luzira confines was evident enough she missed him and wanted him back.

High Court in Kampala approved of the sureties Mathew presented who included his two aunties Sebunya Amerian, another Aunt Stella Karuhanga, cousin Emmy Karuhanga, uncle Julius Kanyamunyu and guardian Gabi Gasatula.

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