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Opposition MPs wire age limit millions back to speaker, claim 'it's Museveni's money'

Opposition MPs resolved to return money Parliament sent to their accounts to carry out consultation on the contentious age limit bill.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga agreed to facilitate MPs after allowing Raphael Magyezi to table the private members bill on lifting age limit on the constitution.

Opposition MPs led by the chief whip Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju convened a news conference at Parliament to confirm the monies wired into their accounts.

Ssemujju pinned: "We want the IGG and Auditor General to prove source of money. We didn't budget for it as Parliament."

He said: "The money was given to parliament by Museveni and we can't accept it."

PAC Chairperson Angeline Osege said: "May the poverty and suffering of many Ugandans fall on all MPs who take this age limit money."

The MPs who also included Medard Ssegona, William Nzoghu, Muwanga Kivumbi, Angeline Osege and Moses Kasibante among others paraded bundles and bundles of money before the media and as required of them will return to the treasury.

Nzoghu who addressed journalists said: "I have a Christian background. I was taught not to compromise my integrity. This is satanic money."

Ssegona said: "I can't take taxpayers money. Parliament should tell us where they got this money. It wasn't budgeted for."


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