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Senior doctors, lecturers tell their juniors to step up gear on industrial strike

  • Dr. Obuku Ekwaru, President Uganda Medical Association

Doctors have received a fresh boost of energy from their elderly colleagues who say they should go on with the ongoing strike, that has left several hospitals across the country paralized and patients fighting for their lives.

Uganda Medical Association led by Dr Ekwaru Obuku announced the strike over delayed actions on their salary increment promise and working conditions has lasted a week.

Government through the minister of health Dr. Jane Aceng ordered doctors to return to their duties and warning those who do not oblige face consequences.

However, in a meeting held in Kampala last night, senior doctors and lecturers one at a time moved a motion to hail the striking doctors and urged them not to back down.

It remains to be seen what course of action government will take after their order failed to yield fruit on the industrial strike.


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