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Has Juliana also made 25 like Desire? Towakanaaa says Fenon Records

It appears 25 is the number for celebrity chics celebrating their birthdays as Fenon Records have revealed singing diva Juliana Kanyomozi's age as she marks her significant day.

It has become a case with celebritries to associate with Desire Luzinda who has celebrated her birthday by consistently claiming she is 25 years.

Fenon Records run by Juliana's buddy Steve Jean took to instagram to wish her happy birthday and then on to reveal the famous 25 age.

They posted: Let's all wish a happy birthday to @julianakanyomozi as she makes 25 Towakanaaaa

Artistes and celebrities took to instagram in droves to show support to fellow singer Juliana Kanyomozi.

Sasha vybzdirector: Happy birthday Queen @julianakanyomozi. Keep winning and queening for rest of your life. God bless you.

Viboyo: Happy birthday to the diva of ... The princes that touches souls. We love you @julianakanyomozi

Gareth Onyango: Happy birthday to the greatest of all time. @julianakanyomozi enjoy ur day big sis.


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