By Mr. Mosh


It was a normal school day back in the early 2000’s fresh in my school pants and a not so neat t.shirt……. I rushed to my weekly MC gig at DV8 on Wilson Road.

The now defunct venue was the equivalent of Uganda’s Hollywood because from it we got a huge percentage of currently the biggest and most respected artistes, media personalities, events gurus, MCs and industry influentials.

Back to that historic night……. Chagga Geoffrey (then with Leone Island) came to me with a CD and said, “i have a friend with a new song, will he get a chance to sing tonight because i see lots of big stars around?”
I told him, it was kinda hard……to which he added, “He’s actually still a student like you and he sings Reggae music.”

The keyword to me was Reggae because everyone else around was either doing Dancehall, RnB or Hip-hop. Besides, Reggae is my favorite genre so i immediately told him to hand over the CD.

I announced a totally new name (Moses Kiti) on stage to which some audience members booed but the moment Moses started singing his debut song, “Jennifer” everybody got up and started grooving with him……… a legend and star was born.

Chagga then introduced him to Chameleone who then advised him to change his stage name and Moses Radio a Leone Island member was born.

This year marked the birth of Radio and Weasel (formerly known as. Junior Chameleone) under Goodlyfe following the release of the chart topping Nakudata featuring OS.

Lots of BET, ZZINA, AFRIMA, MTV, KORA among other awards and lyrically rich classic songs later, we already had gotten our own version of Bob Marley.

Jennifer and Neera still stand out as my most favorite Moses Radio classics of all time and i know each of you out there has a favorite Radio song.

He sang and wrote so much in that he’ll always be here around u.