Yesterday, a video of Makerere University fresh graduate Spice Diana hit the Internet by storm. The video of the young songbird being interviewed, by celebrated TV personality Faridah Nakazibwe birthed doubts on whether Spice really went to school.

“I was in one of the best performing schools in the country for A Level. I was a very bright student. I did HAL – History, Art and Luganda. I actually got… was it 32!” The Star Girl seemed to be trying to recall. “Yes. I got 32.
It was a Second Grade.” She confirmed.

Given the fact that her interviewer was educated in the same system, she had to re-pose the question to confirm if Spice had really understood the question – her answer was really off!

“Is this Senior 6 we are talking about?”

“Yes! Senior 6. Actually most people repeated the class but I passed.” The light complexioned girl reaffirmed.

Spice Diana dancing in her new video Kyuma with Radio and Weasel

At this point, Faridah knew that things had gone South, so she decided to just let that pass. But we won’t let it pass. How did Spice graduate if she didn’t sit Form Six?