By Bash Mutumba

Losing a husband is the hardest thing to stomach for any woman, but losing a husband with whom you had children – young children – brings indescribable melancholy. When Uganda and the world at large lost Mowzey Radio, the biggest musical talent we have had in recent times if not ever, the whole country mourned. However, in the process, Ugandans started coming up with various theories about the deceased and his family which has angered the young widow, to the point of breaking her usual silence.

In a tweet, the beautiful songstress wrote,

Lillian lost Radio, to injuries sustained from a reported bar brawl and left her with two young children. What boils Ms. Mbabazi’s blood is people saying unto her womb what she isn’t aware of.

Lillian Mbabazi and the late Mowzey Radio with their eldest child, Asante; the son.

While growing up, mom used to warn us not to anger the most humble and silent sibling, and whenever we did and he struck, we were struck again by mom herself. So by the time Lillian, a reserved lady strikes, then she is being mistreated. A little empathy can do, people.