By Chris Mabonga

Bebe Cool has for the second time this year shown great disappointment on how singing sensation Rema Namakula has evolved over time as an artist.

Rema who is currently co-habiting with Bebe’s biggest nemesis Eddy Kenzo started her singing career at Gagamel a music group owned and started by the Katono singer.

Bebecool reaffirmed the statements he made a while ago when appearing on Spark TV’s music show ‘Koona’ hosted by Miles Rwamitti. ’Yes. It’s true I said it. Rema is such a talented person with a huge rich voice that shouldn’t be wasted singing on traditional marriage ceremonies.

While appearing on Peng Peng’s live Facebook video today, Bebe Cool further blamed it on Rema’s lack of patience as a person. Because according to Bebe’s well-calculated plans that he was about to execute any time then, before Rema decided to call quits, the vocal prowess would now be competing with the like of Tiwa sawage and Yemi Yalade. ‘’Had she stayed a little longer, Rema would now be a force to reckon with internationally but she decided to quit and settle for less’’ Bebe Cool explained.