By Chris Mabonga

Former girlfriend to the embattled City Tycoon S.K Mbuga now turned forever upcoming artist, Leila Kayonda is one person who is not prepared to surfer even one bit ‘locally’ and keep mum about the situation however taboo-ish it may be.

After being disappointed by a lot of good for nothing, well-built broke Kampala dudes, the faded singer has voiced out her disappointment on guys who don’t want to listen and improve their overall bonking game.

The well-shaped broke bodied dudes who spend more time carrying unbalanced weights in gym can’t even last for seconds in the game of shafting an issue which has gotten into Leila’s head prompting her to run straight to the modern day millennial parliament, Instagram to cry for herself.

“Nothing sexier than a man who can say; alright babe I heard you, I’ll do better”, she posted.