By Enock Mugabi

It is obvious that legendary star, Jose Mayanja aka Jose Chamili has done successful shows in and out of UG but the one he held over the weekend in Goma, DR. Congo seems to have caught him by surprise owing to the love and energy he received from over 20,000 fans that attended the Amani Festival.

The crowd was well versed with each and every song Chamili performed as they sung along with him.

With his band on stage, when Chamili performed the crowd’s favorite song, ‘Valu Valu’ he couldn’t believe the overwhelming reception he got from the fans that made him shed tears of joy.

To prove how massive the show was, he rushed to his Facebook page thereon and asked his on and off pal, Bebe to stop being verbal and walk the talk.

“Waiting for your video like this to justify your words. Dont talk, bring evidence bro”, Chamili wrote.

After the event, the lanky star took some time off and visited Don Bosco community Orphanage where he donated to a charity group as a way of giving back.