By Bash Mutumba


Rema Namakula is one of the few Ugandan Celebs who have been famous since childhood – just so you know. Remember the young girl behind those WBS songs hailing WBS TV on WBS TV with legendary Halima Namakula? Yes! That’s her.

Just to put you up to speed, when Rema had just given birth to her daughter Aamal, talkers were adamant that the baby wasn’t Eddy Kenzo’s like the young mother claimed – that it was for Kadogo Kamu singer Mathias Walukagga.

Rema, who last Friday had a sold out concert dubbed Bannyabo at Serena Hotel, laughed off all claims that she has ever even had a relationship with Walukagga,

“He is a mature man with respect, so I hate to say this. But nah! He is not my type.”

Isn’t this enough reassurance to Taata Aamal? I believe so.

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