By Enock Mugabi

Well, we all remember how Lugaflow rappers recently ganged up against Fik Famaica and Gravity Omuttujju, hurling at them insults of all sorts in the ‘Who is who’ challenge.

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It all began with Feffe Bussi who swiftly dissed both rappers and the rest followed suit. However, since then Fik Famaica chickened out to fire back but Gravity is steadily joining the ramble.

Lately, the Mbuzi za’kutudde singer has found a habit of hitting back at those artists that skinned him in the rap battle.

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In the Video posted by celebrated NBS TV presenter Douglas Lwanga on Facebook, Gravity attacked his fellow counterparts in the game reminding them how he is the best rapper alive.

“Name your HipHop Artist… Let them ask their wives/Girlfriends who the greatest rapper alive is?” Gravity hit back.

Below is the clip;