The vibe about the skinny moneybag, Brian Kirumira aka Brian White firing his ‘Podium’ artists has raised eye brows and shocked every one with unanswered questions.

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Though we are not quite certain about the actual celebrities that have been sacked, but real info we have is that those that faced the wrath of socialite’s sharp knife had insignificant value they added to the podium.

In our precise assessment, we found out some scotching reasons why the mighty infamous Podium has finally collapsed like the Pharaoh’s great Egypt castle.

Mind Blowing allowances and Salary;

These artists have been fully employed and weren’t doing ‘Podium’ work for free. Weekly facilitation and monthly salary had to be put on table to keep them smiling. To have artists like Chamili, Weasel and Pallaso under your wings, one has part with millions of cash. With that huge number of around fifteen celebrities, there is no way Bryan White wouldn’t feel the heat. Yes! with that expenditure, he had to think otherwise.

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Lavish style of the artists;

When the skinny boss employed these artists, little did he know that their life style would cost him a fortune. Most of those lads are city born and Ghetto hustlers whose wild lavish dreams are only limited by Hajji ‘Bumali’ (Read money). When they saw an opportunity of living large without digging deep in their pockets they grabbed it. They enjoyed full tank fuel and yet their rides’ fuel consumption( BMW, Benz, Tundura and others) ain’t friendly.This is one of the reasons that prompted Bryan White to swing the axe with no apology since his pockets were mercilessly drained.

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Food and drinks;

Hehe, Don’t joke! For real these artists enjoyed expensive Champagne, wine and eats more over in swanky hotels like Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala Serena , name them! The worst of it all Big Eye, Pallaso and King Michael could take pics hogging like there was no tomorrow which might have triggered Bryan Whites anger. According to sources, the above named artists had an insignificant role which could add the much needed value.

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Lastly, Bryan White might have realized that he had achieved all his objectives. Before the Infamous Podium, no one knew him. He has desperately looked for fame and indeed he is now an house hold name. Even that person from ‘Kyazanga’ at least knows about this skinny boss who splash dime for fun.  He has used these particular artist as a ladder to fulfill his dreams and now he sees no reason keep them around. He recently even managed to have a talk with M7!

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