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About Galaxy FM


100.2 Galaxy FM is Uganda’s latest and hottest dance hit station that has quickly become the favorite and preferred FM radio station for urban Youth in and around Kampala. With the best DJs in Uganda and the best comedy talent behind the microphone, fused with interesting characters both on and off air, Galaxy FM has the best team anywhere in radio that appeals to its core target that is between 18 and 35 years of age.


It's well documented that Uganda has a young population of well over 70% below 35 years. These are young, vibrant, trendy, high-energy listeners that form the present and future of this country. Cognizant of that fact, several radios and newspapers have sprung up. Most of them are delivering in English and, all Luganda stations have been targeting older and lower market segments. 100.2 Galaxy FM came to fill this gap, delivering relevant content to the urban youth that are learned, have “swag” but prefer to speak Luganda. The style of delivery has endeared us to this market segment, making us the No.1 station.

Target Market:

Our listeners are from a variety of backgrounds, including; students, wives, husbands, parents, professionals, young managers, shop owners and entrepreneurs. They’re the kind of people who, squeeze the most out of life; enjoy shopping, going out, having fun and spending time with their friends and family as they listen to their favorite station 100.2 Galaxy FM. They are between 18 and 35 years of age (and those older but still act young), educated , earning at least above shs300,000 to over shs1M a month. In plain outgoing extroverts that love life. And, they are the core of 100.2 Galaxy FM – hence provides the advertisers value for money. 
Listeners connect with Galaxy FM because it relates with their day to day needs and emotions.

Our style:

100.2 Galaxy FM entertains and relates with the core urban audience by not only playing the hits songs but breaks them, too. This makes it Uganda’s first Urban Luganda youth FM station.


100.2 Galaxy FM reaches over 6 million people in a 90Km radius around the business heart of Uganda - Kampala, Entebbe, Mpigi, Entebbe, Jinja, Wakiso, Luwero and several others. Those outside of our radius can listen in by stream us on Our website is First and foremost, 100.2 FM Galaxy FM listeners tune in for our brand style of hot music and fun. They’re a mainstream early majority audience and will always be among the first to know about the latest hit music. At 100.2 Galaxy FM, we emphasize 'more music variety' and that explains why we are loved. Our listener will have their favorite songs played all day long.

Language of delivery:

We are fully aware that a new language has evolved on the streets of all urban centers and their suburbs. It’s a mix of Luganda and English. It's what is used on streets, saloons, restaurants and shows among others. In
addition to music, which is a universal language (we play 60% Ugandan and 40% international), 100.2 Galaxy FM communicates in Luganda (70%) and street English (30%).


At 100.2 Galaxy FM, we work hard, play hard and always have the courage to do it differently. We want to be the best at everything we do. We don't have a mission statement; we have an Obsession Statement.

At 100.2 Galaxy FM, we strive to build a strong, passionate, obsessive, healthy and happy youth through provision of relevant information and keeping them elated with Hottest Music in a style they love. Here is our obsession toast:

  • Here’s to the obsessive ones, who strive to make each detail right,
  • Here's to the passionate ones who listen late at night,
  • Here’s to the obsessive youths who bust a gut to get a better life for themselves and others
  • Here’s to the obsessive ones that love faithfully, and take care of themselves
  • Here’s to the young blood, who strive to make the world a better place,
  • Here's to the obsessive ones who have the humility to listen to advice,
  • Here’s to the obsessive ones who don’t walk by anything they can put right,
  • Here’s to the obsessive ones who dare to try the never been tried before
  • Here’s to the obsessive ones consumed with this crazy love affair lived on the Galaxy
  • Here’s to us...

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