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George Michael reported to have died of heart failure

Singer George Michael dies 'of heart failure'

Pop star George Michael has died aged 53 at his home in Oxfordshire.The musician's...

Bad Black

HUSTLER! Bad Black Sets Wedding Date, Changes Name & plans to build Church

Ex-convict, Shanita Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black is a real hustler. After trying music and...


IN TROUBLE! Nigerian Artiste, Wizkid Sued, Magistrate Orders Interpol to Arrest Him

The Chief magistrate of Buganda Court has today ordered the International Police (...


NURSING WOUNDS! Rapper Gravity Omutujju Thumped, Robbed Clean

Luga-flow rapper, Gereson Wabuyi a.k.a  Gravity Omutujju of 'Musomesa' fame...

Medi Moore

IN DEEP S**T! Showy South African Based Medi Moore In Jail, His Property Sold Off

As we speak showy South African-based ‘Nkuba kyeyo’ commonly known as Medi...

Little Joe

XMAS BONANZA! Galaxy FM’s Little Joe Dibu ‘Voice Category’ Buys a Car

Galaxy FM 100.2 Zzina Evening Rush and ‘Tula Gatukube’ presenter Kiiza...

Anne Kansiime

ITS OVER! Anne Kansiime Sacks Manager Mujungu, Appoints Fellow Comedian

Funfactory comedian, Anne Kansiime has sacked her manager, Johnson Mujungu and appointed...

Desire Luzinda

MEN’S XMAS GIFT! Desire Luzinda’s New Nude Pictures Leak!

Singer, Desire Luzinda of ‘Kitone’ fame has had her nude pictures leaked...


Impersonator Cons Dubai Promoter Millions Over Fille Mutoni, Police Starts the Hunt

Ever since Fille Winnie Mutoni parted ways with lover and manager, Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC...


LEGAL BONK! Laftaz Comedian, Dolibondo Introduced by Fiancee

BET AND WIN BIG WITH after Herbert Ssegujja a.k.a Teacher...



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